Removing Stains from Marble or Limestone Countertops

I must begin by saying that this technique is not recommended, but it does it work.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...  

That being said a client of mine who has Italian Calcutta marble countertops - if you are not familiar with Calcutta white marble - it is extremely pricey - hard to find stones that are more expensive out there.  Prices start in the $200/ SFT to $300/SFT installed.  I got this from her and it works.  I figured if she was willing to do this to her countertops, then what do I have to loose when faced with a tomato stain, wine stain and in the case of the linked video a marker stain on Masada honed limestone countertops.

The solution is very simple - SOFT SCRUB with bleach.  All I can say is that it works...  I will qualify my post by saying that I do not follow any of the rules when it comes to limestone countertops.  I do not seal them on a yearly basis - B. decided to have the forever "sealed" when they were installed.  I had water stains on them the next day - waste of time and money - which I expected of limestone. 

Check out link to video on YouTube below.