A Farewell Letter to My Great Aunt Ruby

Dear Great Aunt Ruby-

I just got wind of the word that a short time frame has been put on your time left here on what we call planet earth.   The doctor has told you that it is unlikely that you will make it to your 90th birthday next month.  The time is short and you and your family should prepare.   I am taking the time to let you know how much you have meant to me – why say it when you are no longer here.

When I was a child, I can remember being excited for my Great Aunt Ruby to come and visit from Arizona. It was always a special time for me.  I still have the yearly Santas that you made for me and the other children.  The ones that are still in good shape come out for display every Christmas.  As a child, I looked forward with great anticipation every year for the Santa that you would make for me.  Not sure when the practice died out.  I know over the years making things with your hands became an impossible task with the arthritis that had set in.

I may have not been around physically over the past years, but you have always had and always will have a special place in my heart.   Brian remembers your Banana Cream pie that you made for him.  He knew that they banana cream pie was made with love and that made the difference.

I know you have survived a horrific car crash and you lived in much pain ever since.  In addition, you have been plagued with other ailments throughout your years that have limited you.  Through it all, I always have found you to be a person with a positive spirit and a person of encouragement to those in your life.  You have a big heart and short memory when it comes to others.  You have traveled from Pennsylvania to Arizona and back again – you have met many people and had many friends along the way. 

You began your journey here on earth almost 90 years ago as the first child to Guy and Elsie.    I know that you must have entered the earth with great anticipation and joy.  That day may seem as though it has longed passed, but really it is but a blink in the eye of time.  Since having a baby, my eyes have been wildly open to this journey called life.  I remember times with Gigi that I would say to her that I have never been a mother and you have never been a human and we will figure it out together.  I know someday Gigi will be at the end of her years and I will have been long gone from here.  I can only imagine that Elsie and Guy are waiting with great anticipation once again to see their daughter and welcome her once again.  I am sure Uncle Harry is looking for someone else to scratch his head.  Please do say hello to Great Grandma Elsie and Great Grandpa Guy for me.    Sending a laugh and smile to Uncle Harry. 

When we come to earth, our welcome wagon is limited by the confines of the human condition.  What a welcome wagon it is going to be when you go home to heaven with singing of the angels and the GLORY of the LORD.   No more pain, no more confinement from the body – only true freedom.  The Lord will say to you “Welcome Home, my good and faithful servant”.

I do ask one thing from you.  My dogs are aging in years. Jake is almost 15 and Molly is 11.  They will need a smiling face to great them when they pass - if you run across my dog Princess, she will be a good helper for you.  When you see the others that were dear to me, please give them my best.  

Much LOVE and so thankful that you have been part of my life.