Simple Refreshing Lime Water

Water, water, water....  Your best friend and consuming large quantities of it is very good for you.    I used to be a bottled water enthusiast by the case Fiji and Evian being my favorites.  Just become not the most economically way to consume large amounts of water.   It is my daily goal to consume an ounce of water for every pound of my weight.  Needless to say this is generally a goal.   When I am super hydrated my energy levels are high and my body just functions better.   Frequent trips to the bathroom are the only downside.

Anyway, a recent trip to Hawaii the hotel would put out water in the lobby every afternoon and I came to love the lime and some type of flower version... The water went down really easy and always craved more.   I have taken to doing the same thing at home sans the flowers. 

STEP 1: Thinly slice up 1/2 a lime give or take

STEP 2: Place Ice in a glass carafe or similar glass container (stick to glass - I do not think plastic would have the same effect)

STEP 3: Place lime in glass carafe

STEP 4: Pour in filtered water or tap water 

STEP 5: Pour water into a glass and start drinking and fill up carafe as you empty it

Easy way to enjoy refreshing water throughout your day.  Also, a good way to provide water to guests during the holiday dinners and parties.  Skip buying the small bottled waters.

Are you looking to buy carafes at a good price?  I love my WECK carafes - they come in a bunch of sizes and you can get plastic covers if you like to keep teas or other beverages in them.