Personal Theory on Design Choices

When working with other people to create a new kitchen, finishes within a home, new spaces, etc...  my goal is to try to read people to bring alive their vision for the space they are doing - sometimes they do not even know what they want.   What choices I personally may make for a space, may not coincide with a clients desires and vision.  The KEY is reading people indirectly.  Listening to what people say, observing their life style, and getting general information about what they are drawn to in their home or other design aspects.

Any construction project has a million design choice aspects - many choices and costs go along with the transformation of any space.  Going into a project - design choices ideally should flow and work together.   In that process:

  • There are a few choices that may be the best.
  • There are many choices that are right.
  • There are some choices that are not ideal, but if you love it go for it.
  • There are a few choices that are just wrong.

In my mind, it is my job to guide the decision making choices so that they stay with the over arching vision of the project.  However, the client needs to feel like they were a part of the process.  It is important to be mindful of financial realities.

If you are working on a project of your own, have a BIG vision for it.  Then use the BIG vision to guide the other choices.  If you know you like modern lines, natural wood and minimalist areas - then you are not going to pick out a 5 piece crown for your living room.   Houzz and Pinterest have created default picture galleries for you to get an idea of what you like to assist you in creating your BIG vision for your project.  If you feel like you need, help then find a friend, design professional or hire a contractor that has design talent that can guide you.    Get you BIG vision and know it - it will make it all go easier.