The Beginning

Sometimes - it is just time to start writing and get content created.   Personally I find blogs intriguing if they are an assortment of information with predictability and humanity all tied into one - not too much writing.  Assorted relevant pictures and video are useful.    To get a blog going - you simply must start somewhere.  There is a little voice inside my head saying JUST WRITE.

My goals for my blog are to share information about design, kitchens, and real estate.  Mother and child stuff - since I have a 15 month old.   I envision a series of videos using a Go Pro camera harnessed on my head demonstrating food preparation.  Also, I expect that part of the blog will simply be about life and the pursuit....  I expect to stay positive, maybe go a little deep here and there.   No politics. In general, keep it real and on the up beat.

I have decided to not monitor comments in the sense that I have to approve them before posting, but I do reserve the right to simply remove negative or inappropriate comments with no notice.

Please join me and I look forward to hearing from people.